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Which Uke?

A common question for people starting out is “What sort of uke should I get?” followed by “How much should I spend?”

While there’s no definitive answer to either of these questions, we can offer some suggestions. Within our group you’ll find quite a range of ukes – from the smaller SOPRANO size, through the popular CONCERT size and on to the larger TENOR. There’s often a BASS uke there, as well as at least one BANJOLELE. Try a few different ones and see what feels comfortable and sounds good.

The SOPRANO is probably the one that we’ve seen most often in the movies or even in the hands of someone like Tiny Tim, while the CONCERT size usually sounds a bit louder and richer in tone. Guitar players may find the TENOR to be an easier transition because they’re a little bigger and have a longer neck and scale length. Other features such as electrics and cutaways would be of interest to some but are certainly not necessary.

As for cost – you can spend as little as about $25 if you just want to dip your toe in the water but $70-100 will get you something that stays in tune a bit better and may even look nicer. For roughly $200 – 400 you’ll get nicer timbers and finishes and maybe a bit of bling! Beyond that you can spend about as much as you like – some of the members play genuine Hawaiian ukes worth over $1000.


The music we play is a combination of songs on photocopied sheets that members have brought along (nowadays we’ll often email a new song out as a PDF so you can print your own) and selections from “The Ukulele Club Songbook” which was originally put together by the Blue Mountains Uke Group. This book contains about 250 songs and is used by many uke clubs around Australia.

Where to buy?

There are three music stores in the Albury Wodonga area, all of whom sell a range of ukuleles and accessories. These are…

All-Music - 631 Dean St, Albury (02) 6041 1765

Blackline Music - 470 Dean St, Albury (02) 6041 2451

MEGAS Music - 130 High St, Wodonga (02) 6056 1044
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